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What's involved?

Step 1: consult

One of our qualified consultants will arrange an appointment to visit your home, listen to and discuss your needs, offer our professional advice on what style & fit would suit your space best, and measure up to provide the best quote possible.

Step 2: free quote

Once we've consulted with you, we will create a rendering of your new kitchen and the cost budget to supply and install the cabinets. Now that you have seen your kitchen plans, we welcome you to assist us with any changes you see necessary for the natural flow of your space.

Step 3: confirmation of design

When all variations are finalised, we will a set a timeframe for production. You will then receive a commencement invoice, also known as an agreed deposit. 

Step 4: production

We will begin manufacturing the layout of your cabinets in our workshop. The last final touches such as handles, can be chosen from our showroom and compared with your finished cabinets in our workshop, to best decide on the look of your new kitchen.

Whilst your project is in process, you are more than welcome to make an appointment to view the progress of your cabinets as we create them.  

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